Hoot'n Hootie

The Owls measure 8 x 4 feet.

3eagles B&B

This sculpture, the one on the left, is visited quiet often.
Will the real owl please Hoot!

Maybe we should change the name toThree Owls !!!

The sculpture's inspiration came from the shape
of the greenhouse. It brought to mind a waterfall
therefore required fish going upstream.
I cut these out our steel plate and
made a nice school of Steelheads.

The red bridge takes you to the upper pond.

The vase and sunflower tower
25 feet. In the winter
the sunflower dies so the
scuplture is only 21 ft tall.

Graham made this sculpture using the chairs from his Atelier

Higher Education



From the Upper Pond where the racoons swim
From the Driveway beside the Park

These Owl scuplture stands 15 feet in height.



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